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Fátima and Saint James Way

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Saint James Way

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There are as many definitions as there are pilgrims but, summing up, the Saint James Way (Camino de Santiago) is the route that pilgrims take to Santiago de Compostela to visit the tomb of the Apostle Santiago. From the IX century, it became one of the most important pilgrimage routes in Europe, becoming the backbone of the kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Saint James Way is that, basically a route. A route currently traveled by several thousand pilgrims from around the world to Santiago de Compostela, on foot, by bike or on horseback. The Camino is always open, to those who want to do it.

What makes people from the 21st century leave the comfort of their home to go on a pilgrimage path? What’s special about the Camino de Santiago that you consider to be one of the things to do at least once in your life? The pilgrim takes part in a route that has its roots in history. Ask the pilgrims, but it is better to come and live it.

In 2018, 327,378 pilgrims did one of the routes considered Camino de Santiago, at least the last kms that allow to receive the certificate (Compostela). In the last 25 years this number has been steadily growing…


The Fátima Ways

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The ways towards Fátima appeared after 1917, the year of the apparitions of Fatima, and are pilgrimage routes that are traveled on foot or by bike, towards the Sanctuary of Fatima, in Cova da Iria, in Fatima, central Portugal.

These routes preferably follow rural roads and paths, avoiding the traffic and the main roads. Some of the most traveled paths connect several points of the country to Fatima: the Tagus Way, the Northern Way, the Nazaré Way and Carmelite Route.

The Tagus Way starts in Lisbon, in Parque das Nações, and its route is shared with the Camino de Santiago till Santarém (marked with blue and yellow arrows). It has a total of 141 km, with many places to rest and eat.

The Northern Way follows in reverse the entire Portuguese Saint James Way (Central) in our territory. It starts in Valencia and has a length of about 260 kms.

The Nazaré Way connects Fatima to another Our Lady Sanctuary, and can be done in both directions, with a distance of 53 km.

From Coimbra you can follow the Carmelita Route. With a total of 111 km, it passes through the counties of Condeixa-a-Nova, Penela, Ansião, Alvaiázere and Ourém. The starting point, the Carmelo de Santa Teresa, was where Sister Lucy lived and inspired the creation of this pilgrim that crosses scenarios of great natural beauty.

Finally, and created to connect Tomar (Central Saint James Way) to Fatima, the Nascent Way was marked, with a length of 29 km.

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